Extended Neck Tubing Hanger c/w Neck Seal

Extended Neck Tubing Hanger c/w Neck Seal


  • Hangs the tubing and seals off the annulus.
  • Provides communication for control lines and chemical injection.
  • Provides isolation point for BOP Stack.
    • Extended Neck Tubing Hanger
    • Dual Type Tubing Hanger


  • Primary and secondary sealing.
  • Tubing hanger neck seal runs separately.
  • Manually energized by lockdown screws.
  • One‐piece solid forging.
  • 45 deg Landing shoulder.
  • Facilitates BPV profile.
  • Square running threads.
  • Provision for continuous control lines(SCSSV) and electrical netrator (ESP).
  • Provision for anti‐rotation.
  • Tonging neck for bottom connection.
  • Allows retrievable of tubing hanger neck seal.