Welding Habitat

Positive Pressure Welding Enclosure (PPWE)

PPWE are used to create a safe module within a hazardous area to allow field welding be conducted in place or at times when it could otherwise be impractical or prohibited. The PPWE two main objectives are:

  • To contain sparks from hot work inside the habitat and thus prevent them from reaching flammable gas.
  • To prevent flammable gas from entering the habitat by using internal overpressure.

The PPWE are typically used for:

  • Hot work at Zone 1
  • Hot work at Zone 2
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures for coating or insulation work where containment is an important requirement.

Solar Alert habitat are:-

  • Constructed using special flame retardant flexible panels which are zipped together and sealed with velcro. This allows any size and shape of habitat to be created.
  • Constructed to include an air lock. This is typically used when building large scale welding habitats.
  • Inclusive of an escape panel configured to allow easy access to a predetermined escape route.
  • Flexible in shape and size depending on requirement
  • Equipped with marine aluminum door frame with a window to allow the fireguard to observe the work party inside, while monitoring the pressure control gauge, which is fixed to the door manifold.
  • Equipped with a transit panel fitted into the door that allows all temporary cables and leads to be tidied away.